Hi, I would like you to welcome in my wonderful thoughts! I would love to share some things about me, ideas, tips and my journey in life, I hope you will learn from me. Love lots! 🖤

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About Me

Hi, again, I am Janine Ariola Picar. You can call me Jap, I am 20 years old from La Union, Philippines. I’m currently studying Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I love listening to music, watching movies and series, going out, writing and reading… but I still want to do and explore some more. Hope that we can interact and be friends! 🖤

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  • College Life!
    Blog Post #2 If you’re about to attend college, continue reading this! For I am about to share my experience and some tips. I’m already in my third year of college and unfortunately I am an irregular student under the course of Accountancy. (Thanks to pandemic for ruining the timeline 😢) But yeah, here weContinue reading “College Life!”
  • My Goal in Life
    Blog Post #1 A goal is something that we want to achieve in the future and all of us have goals in life. Some people want to be successful, to be rich and to achieve a lot of things but me… my ultimate goal is to be happy or to find the real happiness becauseContinue reading “My Goal in Life”
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